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Plot Twist!

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I can change a cover, I will. Either due to branding, the market, or because what I have just doesn't fit, I am a cover-changing queen. This time, however, I actually have a good reason.

When I started the Grave Talker & Soul Reader series (is it supposed to be series or serieses or seriesi? I digress...) I had no idea that these two crazy women inside my head had stories that actually intertwined. Yeah, I'm the author, but it's more like my characters run the show and I'm over here writing up the incident report. So what I had—as gorgeous as it was—just didn't fit together the way I wanted it to. Hence why I changed the covers for the Soul Reader series to better flow with the Grave Talker one.

But wait! There's more!

On top of changing the cover, I also changed the subtitles (not pictured) to make sure everyone knows that the Grave Talker and Soul Reader series are connected.

Welcome to the Arcane Souls World!

Now, please be advised that you can read either series on their own OR you can read them in release order and get allllllllllll the tea. (I'd pick this one, because Darby and Sloane are about to cause a ruckus. )

Don't forget, the second book in the Soul Reader series will be here next month!

Want to get all the details about Sloane? Check out the Soul Reader Page on my website.

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