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A Luxa will wake the Beast…

A Luxa will unbind him…

A Luxa will destroy us all…


Vale Tenebris has a big problem–she needs to get her and her sister out of the Perder Lucem like yesterday. Living with a bunch of cave-dwelling magic hunters wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t hiding what she is from the very people sworn to kill her. 


Her escape plans crumble to dust when she has to choose between the freedom she longs for and saving her sister from the clan leader’s son. Forced to use the unruly magic, she exposes the one thing that would mean her execution.


Being put to death isn’t the worst part, either. No, that comes in the form of two dragon shifters who come to her rescue, claiming that she is the key to unbinding their king and saving the realm from extinction. 


Betrothed to the Beast and thrust into an unknown world filled with daggers at every turn, Vale needs to learn how to use her magic–and fast. Because that ring on her finger won’t save her if she can’t figure out how to help the king, nor will it stop her attraction to the shifters who pulled her from the brink of death.


And the magic brewing under her skin could very well be the end to them all.


**Ruined Wings is a spicy dragon romantasy set in the Severed Flames universe. You can expect three sinfully hot, super growly shifters who will do anything to keep their woman alive. Mature themes will be present. Reader discretion is advised.**


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