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from Annie Anderson

Now available for pre-order: Dead Calm (Grave Talker #3).

There's not enough coffee or tacos in the world to deal with Darby Adler's family.


If it's not her death-dealing father, her back-from-the-dead mother, or her ghost grandfather, it's her long-lost siblings and their bid for power.


With the ABI radio silent and her siblings to find, Darby's got a major problem on her hands--especially when the local coven figures out that her father is no longer bound.


Can Haunted Peak, TN handle this family reunion?

Available June 29, 2021


Grave Watch.jpg

Grave Watch

Soul Reader Book Three -

Sep 29, 2021


Meeting long-lost siblings should be awesome, right? Wrong. Because in our family? Being the hunter also means being the hunted.

Pre-order Now Available

Dead Shift.jpg

Dead Shift

Grave Talker Book Four -

Nov 15, 2021


Detective Darby Adler is about to hand in her badge. And it's not only her job on the line—it’s her life.

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Spells & Slip-ups.jpg

Spells & Slip-ups

The Wrong Witch Book One -

Jun 7, 2022

Join the ABI, they said. It'll be fun, they said. And that death sentence just hanging over my head? Well, we won’t worry about that...


Pre-order Now Available