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Shadow Me iPad-Hardback Mockup.png


from Annie Anderson

Once upon a time, I killed a god and stole his power. I’ve been paying for it ever since.


After my banishment, I promised myself three things.

One: I would never take a mate.

Two: I would find a way to get rid of the power I stole.

Three: I would punish the gods who banished me.

Not necessarily in that order. 


There’s just one teeny, tiny little problem. 


That power I hate? It’s a siren call to the ones who banished me, letting them know I’ve broken out of their prison. And that mate I don’t want? Well, he found me first, and he has no intention of letting me go anytime soon–even with his life on the line. 


But giving in to the only person that could ruin me forever might be the only way to save us both.

Coming April 1, 2024

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