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Grave Watch is Alive!

Sloane's final book is here, and I cannot wait for you guys to get a load of the brand new set of shenanigans she's dealing with. Letting her go has hurt something fierce, but hopefully I wrapped up her story in a way that shows just how much I love this character.

And yes, this is Sloane's last book, but never fear! We will continue to see her in the Grave Talker series.

Meeting long-lost siblings should be awesome, right?

Well, when you happen to be on the wrong side of the law and have every intention of staying there, having a cop for a sister isn’t exactly ideal. And teaming up with said sister? Well, that is just the cherry on top of the craptastic pie that has been my life.

But when our brother decides to attack us head on, banding together is the least of our problems.

Because in our family? Being the hunter also means being the hunted.

Because I love you guys, I have another little giveaway going on!! Click the button below to throw your hat in the ring for one of 2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

If you want to make sure you are in the know about all the things or just want to vent in the discussion thread, don't forget to join The Legion FB Group.

(Psst! There may be some more giveaways there, too!!)

I cannot WAIT to see what you think of Sloane's final ride. Writing her has been so much fun!

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