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Death Watch is almost here!!

Spring Break is over, the kiddos are back in school, and I am FINALLY finished with Sloane's latest book!

I may or may not need about a zillion days off (laughs in workaholic) and a nap, but Death Watch is almost out of copyedits and ready for the masses. That said, I am posting the link to chapter 1 here because... well, I love you guys.


A prison break. A secret admirer. And a boatload of lies.

Just about everything Sloane Cabot knows about her past is a big old pile of malarkey. Couple that with the blank spot of how her family died, and she needs answers, like, yesterday.

But when a man shows up dead on her family’s grave, she knows it somehow has to be tied to that fateful night a year ago.

Too bad you can’t question the dead… or can you?

I am so excited to see what ya'll think of Sloane and her brand new predicament.

#DeathWatch #PreOrderNow

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