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“Are you fucking kidding me?” I pinched the bridge of my nose, praying for patience. Who was I kidding? My patience was long gone. Now I was just pissed. “There’s only so many times I can say it. No, you cannot kill random people who try to use the subway, Moriah. You’re going to have to play nice at some point.”


Moriah Caine was not a fan of the new order of things, nor did she appreciate more people utilizing her subways. Now that the syndicates have been united, more people ventured into the different territories, exploring new neighborhoods, making new friends.


Unfortunately, some people didn’t play well with others.


“If they pay the toll, they should be allowed to ride the cars without violence.” Granted, the pixie would not listen to me, and I would have to give her this speech probably five more times before it sunk in.


“But they are dirty, and they don’t pay enough, and they’re rude.”


Yes, I had made a big speech and big promises to the other Houses about how much we wanted to be inclusive, but the growing pains were here to stay. We had managed to blend the syndicates for the most part, and the unrest was at a minimum—far better than it had ever been before our House was created. Sure, there were a few hiccups here and there…

I was staring at one of those hiccups now.


“If they don’t pay in full, they can’t ride. That is as true now as it was before. But not everything that you think is rude is actually rude, Moriah. You’re going to have to learn people skills.”


And I knew that statement coming from me was slightly hypocritical considering I’d been living under a literal rock for fifty-some-odd years, but I was learning. She needed to learn, too.


On top of everything else, I absolutely did not have time for this. I had ten more meetings, a dignitary dinner, and a phone call with Blood and Beryl about a possible trade deal. Unfortunately, it was that time of the month again. My heat was coming in, and I was a sweaty, hot, miserable mess that needed my mates and pronto.


My sex clenched as I felt my mates. They were in this building, moving closer, their senses picking up on my need and luring them in like a siren call.


“Pollux, I’m going to need you to reschedule everything for the next three days.”


I struggled to swallow as sweat clung to the nape of my neck.


I hadn’t realized that the heat came every single month, nor did I grasp just how mindless I would be.


How much I would need my mates.


How much I would crave them.


“Reschedule? We have the meeting with the contractors for the reconst—”


Gritting my teeth, I tried not to snap. “I get that, but… How do I put this nicely? If you don’t want to see what an extremely horny, angry dragon looks like or want to see how quickly I can breathe fire in this form, I’m going to need you to maybe cancel things for a little bit.”


Pollux and Moriah shared a look that told me Fae didn’t go through this level of unrest on a monthly basis, nor did they get the memo about shifter biology.




“I’m not crazy,” I insisted, rolling my eyes. “I’m going into heat again. The last time, it lasted about three days. Let’s plan for about that long but hope for shorter. Okay?”


Pollux stared at the tablet in her hands. The plans for the new Sapphire building needed approval and the expansion to the next three buildings required review.


“But the contractors—”


Thankfully, Ronan and Alex swept into the room, followed by a smiling Isaac. All three marched right toward me, interrupting this particular meeting in an expert fashion, much to my relief.


“Pollux, you heard my mate. Cancel the damn meetings.”


“Ronan, you can’t possibly expect me to—”


But I didn’t exactly hear what else she had to say because Ronan marched right up to my chair, put a shoulder in my belly, and flipped me over his back, smacking one of his large hands to my ass to hold me in place. It took everything in me not to come right there and then.


“I can expect it, and I do. Your Queen needs our attention, and she will for the next three days—or until the heat passes—whichever’s later. Make it work.”


“Reschedule the meetings for next week,” Alex advised before hooking a finger under my chin and dropping a kiss on my lips. “And get Ender to do the dignitary dinner tonight.”


Isaac’s red eyes met mine, his smile revealing just a hint of fang. I remembered how those fangs had felt last night, the bliss making me struggle not to rub myself on Ronan’s shoulder.


“And call Blood and Beryl and explain that the Queen is indisposed. They’ll understand.”


Pollux threw up her hands. “Fine. I’ll just cancel the whole world while I’m at it. I swear, everyone is off having dirty, sweaty sex but me.”


Moriah looked her over. “All you have to do is ask, Nightmare. I’d be happy to oblige.”


By the intense interest Pollux was aiming the pixie’s way, it looked like I wasn’t the only one who was getting some tonight.


The doors closed on them, the march to our chambers a quick one. Ronan tossed me on the bed, and all three of my mates started getting undressed—three vastly different presents unwrapping themselves just for me.


Meetings, the life, all of that could wait.


Now, it was time for my happily ever after.

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Want more in the Immortal Vices & Virtues World?


Corvin Blackwell will have his own story in Shadow Me coming April 1, 2024! This fated mates, M/F story will appear in season 3 of the IV&V world!

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