Do Opposites Attract?

October 10, 2016


It's the Question as Old as Time...

Plucky girl meets broody guy...  

But do opposites really attract, and if they do, why do they work?  I believe opposites attract (I'm currently in married to my complete opposite. Eleven years in March! Woo hoo!!) So I know a relationship like this can work.


But WHY? Here are three reasons why I believe opposites attract:

1. It almost forces people out of their shell.
Out of the two of us, my hubs is the outgoing one, so when I could stay in my house and Netflix it up 24/7, the hubs has the weird necessity to go outside. Freaking weirdo.  BUT once I go outside  - either hanging out with friends or even going for a hike, I'm glad I went.  

2. It gets you to try new things. 
I would NEVER have tried rock climbing if it hadn't been for the hubs, and he would never have realized the wondrous goodness of a action movie marathon accompanied by copious amounts of junk food. I learned how to speed up and he learned how to slow down.

3. It brings a new perspective.
When I have a problem and can't figure out the answer to or if I need a new point of view, I ask the hubs. Not just because he's the hubs, but because he always has a different perspective than I do. The way he looks at a problem - even after almost 12 years together - is very different than my own. Usually his view either calms my neurotic ass down or gets me out of my own head so I can solve my problem myself.


Evangeline Black and West Carmichael are total opposites. She's a powerfully sassy queen and he's a broody assassin. Want to see these opposites attract? Look below!



~ Rising Ashes ~
Ashes to Ashes
Book Three



Trent has lost his fucking mind, I think as I raise my hands in surrender. The three of us have stopped in our tracks on the immaculate brick paver pathway, waiting for the crazy man to decide if he’s going to kill us or not. I hope not, but with the way my life is going right now, I’m not holding out hope for some miracle.

“Get off my land, Evangeline. Whatever you want, I’m not helping you,” Trent growls, stepping across the threshold onto the porch, and I see my opening.
I don’t wait for Aidan or Cam who I can tell are still trying to come up with an exit strategy. I love them like brothers, but they will just fuck this up for me.
I don’t wait for Trent to say another word, either. Who knows what has that fucker in a twist. Instead of the showdown he probably expects, I travel just to the side of the open door and wrench the gun right out of his dumbass hands, tossing it to Cam with one hand and with the other, I grab the top cartilage of his ear and bend his big ass frame to my lips.
“That is no way to treat your Queen. Apologize. Now,” I hiss into his ear. When his mouth screws up into a grimace but no apology passes his lips, I decide he needs a lesson. Before he knows what hit him, his nose is bleeding, and he’s flat on his back on his own porch with my boot digging into his chest.
“You were saying?” I ask on a growl. I haven’t phased, and I don’t need to. I can do plenty all on my girly fucking lonesome, thank you very much.
The crazed smile that breaks across his face is mildly disturbing and a bit endearing. He looks like a proud papa and his favorite child just learned to walk, or at least in my case, learned how to kick someone’s ass.
“Evangeline, my Queen, how nice to see you again. Welcome to my home. Please do come in,” he says genially enough that I remove my boot heel from his ribs.
“Trent, good to see you. I have a favor to ask. You up for it?” I ask as I smile sweetly down to him.
His smile is manic, but I pay it no mind. Trent is Mercury personified.

Click HERE to See What Happens Next!



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Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.



The Ashes to Ashes Series



Aurelia Constantine is having a rough century. Plagued by visions of murder, death and destruction, she has resigned herself to the nightmare her life has become. When an enemy from her past comes to her rescue, she must let go of old wounds and heal the breach so she may survive the evil poisoning her mind.
Rhys Stevens is guilty. Murder. Betrayal. Treason. Take your pick; he’s guilty of them all. On the path of redemption, he must beg for forgiveness from the one person he fought to save - the woman he has always loved. 
Thrown together in the trenches of war, they must work as a team to stop a monstrous puppet master from pulling their strings.
Ashes, ashes. We all fall down.
Get ready to burn.



Mena Constantine is pissed off. Finally freed from her fifty-year imprisonment by a maniacal leader, she is desperately trying to recover and get her life back. Problem is, the life she had is long gone. Struggling under the weight of her memories and healing from the wounds of her captivity, she can't seem to catch a break. Every waking moment, death seems like a relief she would welcome.
Asher Crane is a dead man. As a Guardian to the King, his only purpose in life is to keep the King alive. And he's failing. Miserably. With the King ill, the Queen dying, and zero plans for a successor, he's pretty much screwed. Because if the King dies, the law says Asher dies, too.
As these two wounded souls collide in a series of bloody and unfortunate events, they will clutch to the last shreds of life before death beats down their door.



West Carmichael is not my real name. It is the name I pulled from thin air over five hundred years ago. I don’t come from royalty—I come from the dregs of the ethereal. As the King’s assassin, I have more blood on my hands than most. I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve anyone. But I will keep her safe. Even if I die trying.
Evangeline Black.  My name sounds like the heroine of a historical romance novel – not that I read those or anything. My life so far: Dead parents? Check. Broken heart? Check. Evil mistress of darkness, hell-bent on power and thirsty for my death? Big. Honking. Check. But this mess won’t get cleaned up by itself. I’ve got a job to do.
As these two reluctant hearts fight their pull, they must decide if they want to fall apart in the midst of the chaos swarming around them or yield to their hearts…
and rise.

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November 6, 2018

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