3 Reasons Why Beards Are the Best...

September 26, 2016


Annie, why the hell do all your main men always have scruff/beards/facial hair?

Do I have to answer this question? Shouldn't it be obvious? Evidently, there are peeps out there who don't like facial hair. WHAT?!? Yes, my thoughts exactly.  Don't get me wrong, there are some men who cannot pull off the scruff, and for that, dear sirs, I am sorry. 

But the ones who can... sigh...

So, why are beards the absolute best? Here are 3 reasons why...

1. It turns boys into men. I'm not talking emotionally because, let's face it, slapping some facial hair on a chin ain't gonna do it BUT when a guy grows a nice, healthy beard it takes him out of the "boy" category.

2. It's scratchy. Yes, for that reason alone, beards are the best. I'm not going to go into specifics. You know exactly what I mean. If I have to spell it out, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING MY BOOKS?? Don't make me call your mother.

3. They take patience. If a man can grow a beard (and the hubs thankfully can) he can put the time and effort into other things... kinda like dealing with my crazy ass. (I'm not really crazy per se... I'm just... well... spirited. *wink, wink*)

So why all the talk of beards?
The hero in Rising Ashes is a beard-rocking, no-talking, alpha-male which I think is the perfect complement to my jabber-mouth pixie of a heroine.


~Rising Ashes~
Ashes to Ashes
Book Three

West Carmichael is not my real name.
It is the name I pulled from thin air over five hundred years ago. I don’t come from royalty—I come from the dregs of the ethereal. As the King’s assassin, I have more blood on my hands than most. I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve anyone. 
But I will keep her safe. 
Even if I die trying.

Evangeline Black. 
My name sounds like the heroine of a historical romance novel – not that I read those or anything. My life so far: Dead parents? Check. Broken heart? Check. Evil mistress of darkness, hell-bent on power and thirsty for my death? Big. Honking. Check. But this mess won’t get cleaned up by itself. 
I’ve got a job to do.

As these two reluctant hearts fight their pull, they must decide if they want to fall apart in the midst of the chaos swarming around them or yield to their hearts…
and rise.

Are you dying to get a better look at the King's Assassin?

You just might...
Need a teaser to whet your pallet?



You would think people would know by now.
But they don’t.
People as a whole are dumb, lazy bastards only out for themselves. Maybe it’s just Wraiths that are like this. Maybe outside factions see us as the cockroaches of the ethereal because of the way we act. I think it is probably a few ruining it for the rest of us.

Welcome to the ethereal! Where we don’t give a shit what color you are, but if you have powers we don’t like, well, then fuck you.
I silently chuckle a little to myself. Yep, the game show host in my head has lost his nut. Good times. 
I stay in the shadows, not too hard up here on the cliff top, crouched in the darkness of a yawning crevasse and watch as Wraiths in fancy funeral dresses and tuxes prepare to fight a battle they can’t win. A few haul long-range precision rifles from narrow, padded gun cases.
I guess they aren’t fucking around anymore. 
They are dressed very differently from me. While they look refined and out of place as they spoil for a fight, I look right at home with the prospect of a good, old fashioned blood bath in my black fighting leathers and body armor.
Luck favors the prepared, so the saying goes, and I am very, very lucky.




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