Playlists, Pinterest & the Modern Age

September 5, 2016


Mena has been out of touch for the last fifty years...


Prison will do that to you. She had no idea about the wonders of music from the last 50 years or computers or all the new ways we interact with each other on any given day.
I put together playlists for all my books, but the one for Mena, I took special care to include all of the songs I thought she might like and truly represent how she was feeling in each of the scenes. If you are a music lover and dig book playlists, you are welcome to check out the Falling Ashes Playlist on Spotify.


Here are the highlights:
Locked in a Cage - Brick + Mortar
Blood Hands - Royal Blood
Holding on to Hell - Gin Wigmore
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Running Up That Hill - Placebo
Coming Down - Dum Dum Girls
Family - Noah Gundersen
Way Down We Go - Kaleo
My Body Is a Cage - Arcade Fire
Throne - Bring Me the Horizon

If you want to check out the other songs on the list (and there are about 33) head over to Spotify and check it out.

Yes, I have a song for every single little thing in this book.
Yes, it is so long it isn't even funny.
No, I'm not sorry.
Go and be amazed at my music-picking genius.


You know you've been sucked into a Pinterest-pinning marathon of epic proportions at one point or another.
Don't lie to me. I know.

Are you a visual person? Me too. I get sucked into Pinterest and keep on pinning into the wee hours of the night. I can live there if I totally forget I have grown-up responsibilities. 
Each of the books in the Ashes to Ashes series has a board dedicated to all of the inspiration and ideas for each of the books. The Falling Ashes one is a particular favorite of mine.
If you want to get a peek into my mind, (that's a scary concept) see my cast of characters, and get all the visuals for Falling Ashes, come visit the Pinterest page.



~ Falling Ashes ~
Ashes to Ashes
Book Two


One second I’m trying to mind my manners and be as invisible as possible given the circumstances and the next some huge, black-eyed Wraith is trying to grab my injured hand. My right hand has been smashed and snapped and crushed so many times over the years. And just for kicks, Iva would rub Morganite 

dust in my open wounds. She was a peach, that woman.
I still can’t move my pinkie finger. I’m pretty sure I never will, and seeing the sharp talons of a fully phased Wraith trying to grab my hand… well, sanctuary or not, I’m damn well going to have my defenses up.
What concerns me the most about this whole situation is that I haven’t been in this house for more than an hour and I’ve already shocked someone. Granted, this time it was on purpose, but I’m genuinely fearful of the next time. I feel it building under my skin. That itch, that urge.
I haven’t felt it in years, but the burn is coming.
“What in the cold depths of hell was that?” I screech as I look over the edge of my hospital bed to peer at the man I just juiced. Everyone seems to have frozen just before things start moving at hyper speed.
Aurelia appears in front of me, looking murderous. Flames are licking up her arms already, and she looks about three seconds from turning the man who tried to touch me to ash.
The dark-haired guard steps in front of the King, ready to tear my head off if necessary. A low, rumbling growl vibrates from his chest. Evan and West look torn between the King and myself, and the brothers, Aidan and Ian, are trying to hold in their snickering. They’re failing, though, and the shorter one, Ian, can’t help doubling over and letting out a roar of laughter.
“She… she… she… well, that’s a crash and burn if I ever saw one,” Ian guffaws. Aidan, who was trying not to lose it, tosses his head back and explodes with a booming laugh.




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