Meet Aurelia Constantine

August 22, 2016

I asked Aurelia some questions...


I got to sit down with Rhys over a week ago to get some answers to some hard-hitting questions. Now it is time to meet the woman of the hour - Aurelia Constantine.

Again, I have to start with the name bit. Everyone mispronounces your name and it drives me nuts, so can you teach these peeps how to say your name?
That's funny because you and I know all about the problems with this pronunciation, don't we?

Yes. We do. My oldest daughter was supposed to be named Aurelia, but one of our friends made a crude joke - one I'm sure you've heard once or twice before...
Not twice by the same person, that's for sure. My name is pronounced AH-Rail-Ee-Ya. One of Annie's dear friends advised her against the name for her daughter based on the crude jokes middle school and high school boys could make out of her name. I'd heard the joke a few times, so I'm glad your oldest girl has a less-likely-to-be-made-fun-of name.
Me too. Okay, that the easy one. On to the hard stuff. What was it that ran through your head when you were attacked in the gallery and Rhys of all people busted in to save the day?
About goddamn time? I knew he was outside, I know where Rhys is at all times - I think it's a bond thing as well as the whole Seer stuff, so I knew he was out there. Unfortunately, I didn't know the Soldiers were going to attack. I knew something bad was going to happen, especially after that morning's vision, and then all hell breaks loose in the middle of my show and here he comes after I'd already pretty much handled it. I was pissed, but relieved too. I felt a little safer with him there, which was a mixed bag of awful until I got my shit sorted out. 

What was it like to trust him, to trust the man that was responsible for so much of your pain, albeit not all of it was his fault.
It was hard. In a way, the bond helped us. I felt safer with him, I think that is why I pushed him away for so long. I think in the back of my mind I knew if I let him tell me his side I wouldn’t hate him anymore. And for the longest time the hate was what kept me going. It is one of the things I’m sorry for, but wouldn’t really change. I needed to hate him so I could keep going – keep living. I would have packed it in ages ago without it. Luckily, he doesn’t hate me for blaming him, and that is one of the things I am most grateful for.  

That bizarrely makes sense. Thank you, Aurelia, for taking the time to talk with me! Until next time!!



~Scattered Ashes~
Ashes to Ashes
Book One



“Aurelia, stop!” I shout. But she’s not listening. Of course, she’s not listening.

This is going to hurt.
As quick as I can, I rush her, hooking my arm around her waist, keeping her from lighting up this whole building like Christmas morning. I flip her over, trying to keep her hands away from me while also trying to keep from knocking her around. I’m only marginally successful, and now we have matching cuts on our left cheek. I’m lucky she didn’t take out my eye. But now we’ve got bigger problems than some piddly little nick.Skippy, the Douche Clown, has reached one of the Eagles, albeit he’s hobbling like an old man. It’s completely possible she damaged his spine in that move. Only he seems to be having trouble concentrating because he is still trying to chamber a round. Seriously? Did Iva send the bottom of the barrel, or what?

“Time to go,” I say as I try to scoop her compact little body up, but she’s having none of it.

“Don’t touch me, you abominable prick!” she screams at the same time she realizes it’s me. She slaps my hands from her waist.Normally, she’d try and kill me. Again. But I think Skippy is a bigger threat than I am at this point.

“I was trying to keep you from frying me. Don’t blame me for attempting to save your Goddamn life. Again”, I growl, irritated I can’t even be the good fucking Samaritan with this woman.

“I wasn’t in danger of losing my life, you moron. I am perfectly aware of where I am and the simple fact I’m basically in a fucking metal box. I’m also aware of how the laws of conductivity work as well as a vast number of other laws of motherfucking physics. I’m not trying to kill anyone else, and there are some wounded people still here. I was just going to slit his throat like a good little girl.”



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